John Owen: The Lord’s Day (Hebrews 4)

19. First, the apostle showeth that there was a great work of God, and that finished, for the foundation of the whole. This he had made way for, chap. 3:4, 5, where he both expressly asserts the Son to be God, and shows the analogy that is between the creation of all things and theContinue reading “John Owen: The Lord’s Day (Hebrews 4)”

Boston: Not All The People of God

That will not, indeed, prove them all to have been the people of God in the sense before given, for the reason here adduced by our author. Howbeit, the preface to the ten commandments deserves a particular notice, in the matter, of the Sinai transaction, Exod. 20:2, “I am the Lord thy God, which haveContinue reading “Boston: Not All The People of God”

Bradford: Of Heaven and Heavenly Things

O MY soul, lift up thyself above thyself; fly away in the contemplation of heaven and heavenly things; make not thy further abode in this inferior region, where is nothing but travail and trials, and sorrow, and woe, and wretchedness, and sin, and trouble, and fear, and all deceiving and destroying vanities. Bend all thineContinue reading “Bradford: Of Heaven and Heavenly Things”

Boston: Statements On The Visible/Invisible Church

“An internal and saving adoption, which is peculiar to believers, or those effectually called and converted, which make up the invisible church and family of God on earth, enjoying spiritual privileges, beyond all others without or within the visible church. These are they that are chosen out from the unconverted world lying in wickedness, accordingContinue reading “Boston: Statements On The Visible/Invisible Church”

Prelates, Those Dirty Dogs

It has been a year since I wrote on the Savoy Conference (1661), but I have recently begun a project on the topic. I have been going over old references, and have acquired some new ones along the way. It is interesting to continually read the “good” intentions of the Breda Declaration, but finding outContinue reading “Prelates, Those Dirty Dogs”

Boston: Christ is Made Sanctification

1 COR. 1:30.—But of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who is made unto us—sanctification. THE world in its greatest darkness was not insensible that man’s nature was corrupted, that they needed something wherewith they might please God, attain to happiness, and repair the wound which they understood their nature had got. And although thatContinue reading “Boston: Christ is Made Sanctification”

O. Sedgwick: True Faith is Fruitful

“I will shew thee my faith by my works”, “Was not our father Abraham justified by work?”, “Seest thou how faith wrought by his works, and by works was faith made perfect?” (James 2: 18, 21-22) The Apostle in that chapter speaks of a double faith. One was a counterfeit faith, a shadow as itContinue reading “O. Sedgwick: True Faith is Fruitful”

Perkins: The Decree of Reprobation

The decree of reprobation is a work of Gods providence, whereby he hath decreed to passe by certain men, in regard of supernatural grace for the manifestation of his justice and wrath in their due destruction: or, it is his will, whereby he suffreth some men to fall into sin, and inflicteth the punishment ofContinue reading “Perkins: The Decree of Reprobation”

Boston: The Nature of the Sanctification of the Soul

II. More particularly, I will inquire into the nature of the sanctification of a soul. And let us consider, 1. The kinds of sanctification. 2. The Author of it. 3. The moving cause of it. 4. Wherein it consists. 5. The parts of it. 6. The subject of it. 7. The effect of it. 8.Continue reading “Boston: The Nature of the Sanctification of the Soul”