Boston: Not All The People of God

That will not, indeed, prove them all to have been the people of God in the sense before given, for the reason here adduced by our author. Howbeit, the preface to the ten commandments deserves a particular notice, in the matter, of the Sinai transaction, Exod. 20:2, “I am the Lord thy God, which haveContinue reading “Boston: Not All The People of God”

Herman Witsius: Moses Is Not The Covenant of Works

“We are not, however, to imagine, that the doctrine of the covenant of works was repeated, in order to set up again such a covenant with the Israelites, in which they were to seek for righteousness and salvation. For we have already proved, book i. chap. ix. sect. 20. that this could not possibly beContinue reading “Herman Witsius: Moses Is Not The Covenant of Works”