Bradford: Of Heaven and Heavenly Things

O MY soul, lift up thyself above thyself; fly away in the contemplation of heaven and heavenly things; make not thy further abode in this inferior region, where is nothing but travail and trials, and sorrow, and woe, and wretchedness, and sin, and trouble, and fear, and all deceiving and destroying vanities. Bend all thineContinue reading “Bradford: Of Heaven and Heavenly Things”

Robert Traill: No Justification In Our Holiness

After some Divines were being unjustly charged of antinomianism, Robert Traill wrote this letter originally “TO A MINISTER IN THE COUNTRY”. “The party here suspected of Antinomianism, do confidently protest, before God, angels, and men, That they espouse no new doctrine about the grace of God and justification, and the other coincident points, but whatContinue reading “Robert Traill: No Justification In Our Holiness”

A Brief Review: Why Our Church Sings Hymns (As Well As Psalms) by Pastor Larry Wilson

I have answered almost all objections that Larry Wilson brings up in my review with Lee Irons (See Here). This article will be brief. There is only one objection that Wilson brings up that has not necessarily been answered. The objection that Wilson uses against exclusive psalmody is an argument that was made popular backContinue reading “A Brief Review: Why Our Church Sings Hymns (As Well As Psalms) by Pastor Larry Wilson”

Review: Exclusive Psalmody or New Covenant Hymnody? By Lee Irons

Before the review begins, I want to stress the importance of accurately representing the opposing position. As Christians we are to be truthful, thoughtful, and take care in how we represent others. In Lee Irons article, we are shown a lack of careful and thoughtful interaction. This is a response to his article to showContinue reading “Review: Exclusive Psalmody or New Covenant Hymnody? By Lee Irons”

Federal Vision and Baptism

(These are my notes for my last Sunday School of the year) Federal Vision – Sacraments and Baptism Ch. 27 – Sacraments I. Sacraments are holy signs and seals of the covenant of grace, immediately instituted by God, to represent Christ and His benefits; and to confirm our interest in Him: as also, to putContinue reading “Federal Vision and Baptism”

Wrong Worship Is Idolatry

“All worshiping, honoring, or service invented by the brain of man in the religion of God, without His own express commandment, is idolatry” (John Knox, Works, Vol. III, pg. 34). “For inasmuch as it was easy for the people to lapse into the imitation of the Gentiles, and to worship their false gods, under whoseContinue reading “Wrong Worship Is Idolatry”

Worship, Violation, Leadership

“Surely the first foundation of righteousness is the worship of God. When this is overthrown, all the remaining parts of righteousness, like the pieces of a shattered and fallen building, are mangled and scattered. What kind of righteousness will you call it not to harass men with theft and plundering, if through impious sacrilege youContinue reading “Worship, Violation, Leadership”