Would Jesus Have Been Right In Stoning the Woman? (John 8:1-11)

  Jesus was not a magistrate during His earthly ministry (making a distinction since He has now been given all authority to act as judge, which we see in other passages). If He picked up a stone to stone the women, acting as a judge, He would have disobeyed the Law. Moses was a magistrateContinue reading “Would Jesus Have Been Right In Stoning the Woman? (John 8:1-11)”

The Gospel and The Homosexual Community

Capitulation is the word to describe what Christians have been doing recently. When you read about the decision SCOTUS made in regards to same-sex “whatever you want to call it”, it should be noted that there are Christians capitulating on the issue. Instead of being in the light to which God has called us, theyContinue reading “The Gospel and The Homosexual Community”