Homosexuality, Brian Prentiss, and a Partial Response

June 25th, 2003 is the date. That is the date for the 70th General Assembly of the OPC. They met at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa to discuss matters of the church. There were many things going on but the one that should catch everyone’s eye was the Lee Irons trial. Yeah, this isContinue reading “Homosexuality, Brian Prentiss, and a Partial Response”

The Gospel and The Homosexual Community

Capitulation is the word to describe what Christians have been doing recently. When you read about the decision SCOTUS made in regards to same-sex “whatever you want to call it”, it should be noted that there are Christians capitulating on the issue. Instead of being in the light to which God has called us, theyContinue reading “The Gospel and The Homosexual Community”

Male and Female He Created Them

It is always interesting to hear how people or animals were born a certain way. I really mean this! Some people were born with a genetic makeup that makes them look a certain way! God truly is amazing in His creation! I look at huskies (for example) and they have beautiful eyes. Sometimes they areContinue reading “Male and Female He Created Them”