Bradford: Of Heaven and Heavenly Things

O MY soul, lift up thyself above thyself; fly away in the contemplation of heaven and heavenly things; make not thy further abode in this inferior region, where is nothing but travail and trials, and sorrow, and woe, and wretchedness, and sin, and trouble, and fear, and all deceiving and destroying vanities. Bend all thineContinue reading “Bradford: Of Heaven and Heavenly Things”

Would Jesus Have Been Right In Stoning the Woman? (John 8:1-11)

  Jesus was not a magistrate during His earthly ministry (making a distinction since He has now been given all authority to act as judge, which we see in other passages). If He picked up a stone to stone the women, acting as a judge, He would have disobeyed the Law. Moses was a magistrateContinue reading “Would Jesus Have Been Right In Stoning the Woman? (John 8:1-11)”