Foote: Repentance Should Be Your Daily Work

You see, then, the nature of true repentance; you see how different it is from the flimsy restraints, the unbelieving and fruitless mental horrors, the outward mortifications and observances, the professed sorrow without real amendment, and the self-righteous feelings and doings which are substituted for the atonement of Christ, or for the justifying grace ofContinue reading “Foote: Repentance Should Be Your Daily Work”

Foote: Repentance..Redeemer..Gift

Genuine repentance, farther, cannot be without faith in the Redeemer. Without this, repentance can only be the sorrow of the world that worketh death. Natural convictions of sin may, and indeed must, arise before there is any true religion: but, in order to convictions of that kind being of any use, there must be aContinue reading “Foote: Repentance..Redeemer..Gift”

Foote: The Necessity of Genuine Repentance

But there is one other lesson from this passage, on which I am especially desirous of fixing your attention, namely, the necessity of genuine repentance. Our Lord himself here says twice, “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.” Consider, then, what is implied in repentance unto salvation; and seek to become possessed of it.Continue reading “Foote: The Necessity of Genuine Repentance”